Meet Rabbi Levy

Rabbi Gadi Levy, Mohel

Hi, I’m Rabbi Gadi Levy.

My Hebrew name is Gad but they call me Gadi for short (pronounced just like you’d say John Gotti)

I am married to my awesome wife Eve and the father of six wonderful kids from four to fifteen years old. My wife and I met while we were both studying in Israel, 17 years ago. We got married there, and it was in Israel that I received my rabbinic degree, and then studied another two years to become a mohel.

I studied one on one with my teacher Rabbi Yehuda Gihat, a senior Mohel with the office of the chief Rabbi. I certified as a mohel in 2008. Over the past ten years, I have performed close to a thousand circumcisions. I travel extensively across the Pacific Midwest doing circumcisions for families from Poulsbo Wa, to Elizabeth Co, from Anchorage Al, to El Paso, New Mexico.

I like to spend time with parents beforehand explaining the procedure, and going through any questions they may have. I believe in being as open and transparent as possible with parents, and have a goal of making the procedure a trauma-free experience. Though I typically spend two to three hours with a family, the actual procedure takes me less than two minutes. I try to act as a resource for parents and therefore have developed many close relationships with families through the experience.

Although many of the circumcisions that I perform are for Jewish families, most of them are for non-Jewish families! Parents tend to prefer using me rather than a pediatrician for the following reasons:

  • Recommendations from midwives or doulas.
  • Parents see a Mohel as a specialist in the field of circumcisions.
  • Since I typically circumcise after day 8, I don’t require a Vitamin K shot.
  • I come to the families home, which tends to be a calmer, warmer and more loving environment for the baby.
  • I have my own autoclave machine, and sterilize all my tools.
  • I’m fast.